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Albany Asbestos is a Asbestos testing, sampling and inspection company. When questionable asbestos containing material is discovered a home owner and or potential buyer of a home may want to verify that asbestos is or not present. Albany Asbestos LLC provides inspections, testing, surveying and sampling of asbestos. Asbestos containing material may affect the price of your renovations and or remodel. 

What sets us apart? Fast Scheduling, Fast Report Turn Around and great prices. 

When asbestos is confirmed there are 2 main parties involved. The asbestos inspector also known as an asbestos building inspector and asbestos remediators. The Asbestos inspector determines what materials contain asbestos through sampling. The asbestos remediators remediate the asbestos. 

Do you have 1 or 2 materials in questions? We provide sampling of a few materials !

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Albany Asbestos specializes in residential and commercial inspection, testing, and surveying. Give us a call today to schedule for a consultation.

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Our Asbestos testing and inspection reports are detailed and clear but simple to understand.


Asbestos Testing & Inspections

Our Asbestos inspections are accurate and presice. Our samples of potential Asbestos containing materials are shipped to a certified lab for testing.

Why & Who Should Test For Asbestos in Albany NY Homes

Environmental Asbestos testing may be a service you are in need of due to a number of reasons.  The most common triggers that require asbestos testing or asbestos sampling are: the sale of a home to a new home owner and or renovations that may be in the works in the future and a contractor or home owner would like to test various materials that may be disturbed to determine if there is the presence of asbestos. 

It is well known asbestos is a carcinogen and can lead to serious health issues (Read More Here about health issues with Asbestos exposure). Once asbestos is disturbed and airborne that is when it becomes a health concern. You should get asbestos suspect materials tested prior to planning out a renovation. The most common asbestos containing materials Albany Asbestos samples for asbestos and tests that are in a residential building are:





Interior wall coverings



And more....

If you are buying a home and are curious of what materials may contain asbestos you should have asbestos sampling done by a reputable environmental testing company such as Albany Asbestos LLC. There are more then just health concerns that go along with the presence of asbestos containing material. Additionally the increase in cost of your future renovation and or remodel may SKYROCKET. A simple $5,000 bathroom remodel can turn into a $20,000 total cost when taking into consideration the asbestos remediation.  

Not all news associated with the presence of asbestos is bad. In some situations if a sample of a floor is tested for asbestos by an environmental testing company and it contains a significant amount of asbestos this doesn't mean you have to remove the floor. In some situations you can floor right over the floor that contains asbestos. Remember asbestos is typically a health hazard when you inhale the particles after the asbestos containing material was disturbed.

Albany Asbestos is a local Asbestos testing company that provides environmental testing services for asbestos at a reasonable price. We provide accurate asbestos sampling of all suspect materials in you residential, industry or commercial facility. Additionally through our sister company, Albany Mold LLC - we are able to provide indoor mold inspections, mold assessments and indoor air quality testing.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral naturally occurring that is formed of very strong fibers that are resistant to corrosion and heat. Several different kinds of asbestos exist. Asbestos fibers are very small and light. The naked eye cannot see asbestos fibers when airborne. You cannot tell whether a material contains asbestos by looking at it. A sample must be analyzed by a qualified laboratory.

Where has asbestos been used?


Through out the years Asbestos has been used in various building materials and manufactored products.  Asbestos containing materials may contain 1% - 100% of asbestos.  A few products that might contain asbestos are:

• Insulation, insulation on pipes and boilers along with fire proofing materials.

• Shingles, tars and ahesives

• roofing shingles and tars

• wallboard and plaster

• cements, caulking and puddy

• ceiling and floor tiles

What are the health effects?

Breathing in asbestos fibers may contribute to an increased risk of  mesothelioma (a cancer of the chest and abdominal linings) lung cancer and asbestosis (lung scaring that can be fatal). The risk of asbestos related health complications increase with the number of asbestos fibers inhaled. 

Are any types of asbestos safe?

No. Although there is evidence of certain asbestos materials may be more dangerous than others, asbestos-related disease can be caused by all asbestos fibers. Generally asbestos containing materials in good condition and or sealed may not pose a health threat.

Is there any safe level of asbestos exposure?

Any exposure to asbestos fibers can cause illness. There are no known safe levels of asbestos.

How does asbestos enter the body?


Airborne fibers are the most common way for asbestos to enter the body. Asbestos may enter the digestive system if eating, smoking or drinking is done around asbestos fibers.Typically Asbestos fibers do not pass through the skin. Once asbestos fibers are inhaled they accumulate in the lungs.

How long does it take for asbestos related diseases after exposure?


Any asbestos exposure at all in even small amounts may contribute to health complications. Most people never develop asbestos related symptoms.  Usually asbestos does not present any immediate effects. Asbestos related illnesses appear 15 to 40 years after initial exposure.

What should be done?


Usually, if in good condition it is best to leave the asbestos alone. Asbestos containing materials (ACM) in good condition will not give off or release asbestos fibers. Prevention of deterioration is a great practice. Asbestos in poor condition must be removed by a certified and trained asbestos remediation company that is provides protection to workers and strict procedures to prevent the asbestos fibers from contaminating nearby areas. 

If you are looking for general inspection services such as: Home Inspections, Sewer Scope Inspections, Pool - Spa and Septic Inspections, Level 2 Chimney Inspections, Radon Testing, Mold Testing - Sampling and Indoor Air Quality Tests, 203k Hud Consulting, Well Inspection and Water Quality Testing please visit our sister companies 
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